How is running our TS3 Server

We have our TS3 Server who had some important changes in the last few days.

Configuration of our TS3 Server

Server Group Team

Head Server Admin Server Admin Guest ------ BST BST*tr BST*jr ------ Friend ------ Friends Teams Tag: TPF TUK DGSE -Fv) RKF Gore 1hW MsT* 'DsT -|SJ|- Cb` Ninja

Level Server groups

Head/Server Admin All rights on Ts3 Level_Senior Admin Can PermBan Level_Referee Can Ban 2 months Level_Breizh Admin Can Ban 1 week (exclusive level) Level_Moderator Can Ban 1 week Level_Operator Can kick Server Level_Conciliator Can kick Channel

Server groups use :

Groups can't, in any case, modify server structure. Base Server groups are only used for TAG before nick.
Rights are given with Level Server Group. By this way we can have more flexible definitions of rights for all.

Channels management :

Head Server Admin : vilain Server Admin : vilain, HamsterLand Senior Admin : Dante, Obsession, Darken, Kalimah, BuddyMD, Hanzo Referee : S1lverFOx, KOmander, Xato, Typo, Olive, Hanniball, Alfa, johnnyCrash, : Sm0ve, Romano, Typo, Xato, Darksmile, Mayhem, Bomspasman Breizh Admin : Ptitbigorneau Moderator : Waldo Operator : Eldodo, Kalish, Biddle`, FAX-TARUS Barbatos Conciliator : Bunker, Groscoupdepelle, Sneek, Diesel, will, Kate, Punkto

I want to thank especially BST|HamsterLand who made this ts3.